Metro Ministries Serves Children In New York City

Since the establishment of Metro Ministries in 1980, founder Bill Wilson and his team have made it their mission to serve the children of New York City. Whether it’s through after-school programs or Sunday School lessons, the goal of Metro Ministires is to give children – many of whom shoulder adult-sized responsibilities – an opportunity to be children. “Of the 20,000 that we serve each week,” writes Zanita Johnson of Metro Ministries, “there are those that are running around, trying scrounge up enough money to pay a light bill, or to buy groceries for their family. They are left to parent themselves and their younger siblings – largely missing out on what society calls a ‘normal’ childhood.”

“Through the support of Heart to Heart International,” continues Johnson, “we are able to provide toys, like bouncy balls, headset radios and disk launchers. And because of this support, these children are able to take a break from the hassles of their everyday lives and enjoy their childhood.”

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